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This is an urgent message from Deafblind UK – please help us support deafblind people this winter and help prevent a winter crisis

Elderly woman looking thoughtful and distant

Being deafblind is one of the most challenging disabilities, but at this time of year it can be even harder. The long dark evenings and cold weather can impact someone who is deafblind with an overwhelming sense of isolation, making them feel even more dependent and vulnerable and cut off from their community.

As a deafblind person’s vulnerability and support needs increase, a sense of depression can escalate to crisis levels, so it is vital we are there with the extra support they need, through the darkest coldest months.

Please help us reach out to isolated deafblind people at this critical time

This winter, the situation is even more dire than usual. A sharp increase in the demand for our services means we are struggling to reach all the people who need our help during this very difficult time of the year, so we are asking for your urgent support.

This increased need for support as well as the demand from the record number of deafblind people who have come to us for help recently, means we need urgent help right now.

Please donate now and help deafblind people affected this winter

If you can, please make a donation today. Your support will make a vital difference to a deafblind person this winter. Just £20 could help provide those extra visits that will make such a difference to someone who is deafblind and struggling to cope during the darkest coldest months.

Please click here to donate now and help us reach out to support those who are deafblind and help prevent a heart breaking situation getting even worse.

Thank you.