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Meet our 2017 Virgin London Marathon Runners

23rd April 2017…
26.2 miles…
Months of training, months of fundraising…
Over £10,500 raised for Deafblind UK…
Our biggest marathon yet!

We are proud to introduce the six-strong team who will be representing Deafblind UK in the Virgin London Marathon on 23rd April. Each running for their own personal reasons, these people have spent months dedicating their lives to training and fundraising – all for the big event.

Paul Johnson


Name: Paul, Age: 36
Occupation: Engineer
My wife’s grandfather is deafblind so my decision to support Deafblind UK was easy. It had to be Deafblind UK. This is my fourth marathon and my training is going fairly well. It’s a struggle to squeeze the training into my working day which starts at 5am so I often get up at 3am to go for a run first. I have received a few odd looks from passing police cars but I haven’t been stopped for speeding as yet…Read Paul’s story here.

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Annabelle Bould


Name: Annabelle, Age: 27,
Occupation: Public Relations Manager
My Grandad has been my inspiration and my reason to take on my first marathon. He was deafblind and I’m running in his memory. I think my biggest challenge on the day will be keeping my mind off the mileage and my aching legs but I know the atmosphere will be electric so I am really looking forward to it. It really helps to know folk are rooting for us so please shout my name if you see me running past, I’ll give you a wave! Read Annabelle’s story here.

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Patrick Coughlan


Name: Patrick, Age: 25

Occupation: Banker
My uncle is deafblind so I know the difference Deafblind UK has made to his life. It is such a good cause and I know my uncle is so proud that I am running the marathon for Deafblind UK – it’s going to make his day. I’m hoping and praying that my first born doesn’t decide to arrive on marathon day – otherwise I’ll have to run the marathon extra fast to get to the hospital! Other than that my main challenge will be trying to keep to my own pace whilst surrounded by fancy dress crocodiles and rhinos. Read Patrick’s story here. 

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Matt Burgess


Name: Matt, Age: 27
Occupation: Journalist
I’ve seen the impact of Deafblind UK’s work first hand because I’ve been a volunteer there for over year now, supporting a deafblind member with his technology needs. I can see the difference Deafblind UK makes to its members so choosing to support Deafblind UK was an easy decision. My training is going well at the moment. It’s tough going but so rewarding because I know I’m doing this for the right reason – to raise funds for Deafblind UK.

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Wouter Van-Rijn


Name: Wouter, Age: 25
Occupation: Senior Marketing Executive
This will be my first marathon and I’m already seriously excited. To run the London Marathon and raise funds for such a great cause as Deafblind UK will make my first marathon very special and something I’ll never forget. I really wanted to run for a charity as I had seen the positive impact that had on other runners. I know just how supportive Deafblind UK is for deafblind people so it was an easy choice – and truly inspiring! Read Wouter’s story here.

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Claire Roberts


Name: Claire, Age: 43
Occupation: Personal Trainer & Spin Instructor
This is my first marathon and I want to do it for a charity I feel passionate about so it was easy to choose Deafblind UK. I can’t think of a more vital cause. Training’s going well at the moment – I’m at an advantage being a personal trainer as my colleagues have been really supportive and have helped me with training and tips. Everyone needs extra motivation on the day and it’s so good to know people are rooting for you so don’t forget to cheer! Read Claire’s story here.

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