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Why I’m running the London Marathon for Deafblind UK – Paul’s Story


Paul, a keen runner and weightlifter from Stoney Stratford described how his wife’s Grandad, 89 year old Alf, lives with very little sight and hearing: “Alf sadly lost most of his sight in the army. Amazingly, after he was medically discharged from the army he set up a woodwork workshop, making and selling wooden toys, all by touch. But as his hearing began to fail, he has spiralled into a quiet and lonely world.

Alf jokes that he loves meal times as he never knows what he’s going to eat! But despite his infectious optimism, it deeply saddens me to see a man struggle so much with daily life; things like not being able to see the photographs of our wedding really upset him.”

Deafblind UK provides people like Alf with simple things, such as a break at the coast which many of us take for granted. But this really lifts his spirits! It is an amazing thing to see and I would be delighted to contribute anything towards helping others.” He continued.

Paul, who owns Allsebrook Pump and Electrical Services, has previously run three other marathons and has recently signed up to run a fifth after the London Marathon! But despite his experience, he is still feeling the pressure: “It’s a struggle to squeeze the training into my working day which starts at 5am so I often get up at 3am to go for a run first. I have received a few odd looks from passing police cars but I haven’t been stopped for speeding as yet!” He said. “My biggest challenge on the day will be making myself start off slowly and rein myself in to keep a steady pace.” Paul continued.

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