Christmas is just around the corner…

We are inviting organisations and their employees to give a Christmas ‘gift’ of one of our vital services to a deafblind person who may otherwise have nothing this Christmas.

Deafblind UK provides a lifeline for deafblind people, who are often forced to live in a dark and silent world where loneliness and exclusion are the norm. We help deafblind people through the diverse range of problems they face; from complex issues to everyday activities like keeping in touch with friends – things that many of us take for granted.

Being deafblind seems unimaginable but for many it’s a reality and as the population ages, more and more of us could be living with this cruel condition. We urgently need to help thousands of deafblind people this Christmas so we are asking your organisation to give a Christmas gift (or two!) to a lonely and isolated deafblind person – you can do this by either:

a.) Giving a gift as a company using or asking your employees to give a gift to a deafblind person using our form that you can download by clicking here – our suggested gifts range from £5 to enable us to send some Christmas cards to £30 for us to provide a festive day out

b.) Help deafblind people in other ways such as considering us in your corporate volunteering or Give As You Earn schemes

You can download our leaflet and order form here to send to your employees which details how they can help. You can designate a department or a person to collect the forms and tally up all of your employee donations, we’ve added a handy box in the (interactive PDF) form for you to write the relevant name in section 3. Alternatively, your employees can email or post the form directly to us using the details found on the bottom of the form and we can tally everything up for you.

The support of you and your organisation will mean that our trained staff and volunteers can give comfort and companionship to even more deafblind people this Christmas. Together we can truly make a difference to the lives of deafblind people across the UK.