Leave a Gift in Your Will

leaving a gift in your will A gift in your will can be the most powerful and effective way to support us. Every legacy we receive plays a crucial role in increasing the independence and decreasing the isolation of people who are deafblind or have a combined sight and hearing loss. Your gift – large or small – will, without doubt, help change people’s lives today and in the future by providing services such as:

Peer Support & Social Groups to enable people to socialise and connect with others

Publications in accessible formats

Volunteers to offer support and companionship

Support for carers

If you already have a will and would like to include a gift to Deafblind UK, you can quickly and simply add a Codicil (which you can print off here), or write a Letter of Wishes to be kept with it. A Letter of Wishes is not binding on your executors if they are unable to carry them out and can be amended at any time.

We appreciate that a will is a personal and confidential document, but if you have already thought about Deafblind UK in your will, or you are intending to do so, please consider letting us know.

For further information on how to make a will or for more information call our Legacy team by telephone on 01733 358100 or email us at supportus@deafblind.org.uk

Please post any information relating to your letter of wishes or codicil to:
Deafblind UK
National Centre for Deafblindness
John & Lucille van Geest Place
Cygnet Road, Hampton