In Memory of a Loved One


Instead of a gift of flowers to express sympathy on the passing of their life, many people suggest that their family and friends make a donation towards the services we provide to deafblind people. This is often a very special way to celebrate the thoughtfulness of a loved one who perhaps experienced a combined sensory loss or empathised with, and wanted to support, our deafblind members.

Deafblind UK also has a special Book of Remembrance, in memory of Edith Wilson, a deafblind ambassador who passed away in 1992 aged 81. This is displayed within our National Centre for Deafblindness, the pages are turned every day and commemorate the date of death, or as many supporters are now requesting, date of birth, together with any sentiments expressed by loved ones.

If you would like to talk about giving a gift in memory of your loved one please contact our Legacy team, either by telephone on 01733 358100 or email