'I felt trapped with only the blurred screen and muffled sound of the TV for company.' - Tom, aged 85
'Tom really comes to life on my visits. I’m determined to help him get his confidence back.' - Joanna, home befriender

You can help a home befriender bring warmth and friendship into the life of a deafblind person like Tom.

Suffering from profound deafness and failing sight, and heartbroken since his wife passed away, 85-year-old Tom spent many longs days alone.

Tragically, there are thousands of people like Tom across the UK:

frail, elderly men and women with sight and hearing loss who feel like prisoners in a dark, silent world. Please will you give £15?

Your gift could pay for a specially trained home befriender to spend half a day with a lonely, deafblind person.

Joanna, Tom’s home befriender, has brought warmth and friendship into Tom’s life. However, for every deafblind person we visit, thousands more are out of reach.

For the sake of people like Tom, please give £15 today >

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“I can’t restore Tom’s failing sight and hearing. But I can make his world come to life again.”

Joanna Sweeney
Tom’s home befriender

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You can free another deafblind person like Tom from fear and loneliness.

£15 pays for a home befriender to spend half a day with a lonely deafblind person.

£30 pays for 3 hours of vital support from our Information and Advice Line.

£80 pays for an outreach officer to spend two days supporting deafblind people.


Our promise to you
For every pound Deafblind UK receives,
83p goes directly to fund our work supporting deafblind people.