Befriending volunteers

A lady being guided by her befrienderOur volunteer befrienders give people the chance to do the things they really want to do, whether that is going shopping, walking the dog or simply having a chat or exchanging emails. Befrienders give our members the opportunity to be themselves and to take their mind off their day to day stresses.

Befriending could take place in person, by you visiting someone in their home, over the phone (known as tele-befriending) or even via email or social media.

We carefully match our befrienders to members who have similar interests and, as a result, they often build close and long lasting friendships.

The time commitment for a befriender greatly depends on what you can give and what our member wants; some tele-befrienders spend just half an hour a week volunteering, whereas a home befriender may spend a bit more time with our member.

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tele-befriender Matthew“I wanted to get involved in some volunteering but my work hours can be a bit chaotic and I’ve got a young family. Befriending on the phone was a good practical solution. It’s a great thing to do, you get to know someone very well and it’s so much fun!” Click here to read tele-befriender, Matthew’s story.



Deafblind UK Volunteer, Jackie“We have a cup of tea and chat together – we get on very well! Peter likes to go for a walk which we do on most of my visits. We either just walk around the block to get some shopping or, if the weather’s nice, we might go further afield.” Click here to read home-befriender Jackie’s story.



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