Thanks for your support

A big thank you to all our supporters – we couldn’t do it without you.

Deafblind UK could not function or offer members our excellent support and services without the immensely generous investment of funds, time, effort and interest by our supporters.

The benefits of this assistance can be seen at every level of our work – throughout the organisation and delivery teams to the provision of projects and equipment for our staff and members across the UK.

We want to say thank you to all those who provide this fantastic support; from donors that can be mentioned publicly and those who prefer anonymity to our army of people who give up hours of their time to help us in our work. This includes…


Volunteers work with us in many different ways, supporting individuals or those at peer support and social groups and we cannot thank you all enough for all the valuable work you do. Find out more about volunteer opportunities. 

Charitable Trusts and Foundations

The Trustees of many organisations take the time and trouble to consider our requests for funds, and time and again partner with us to serve the aims of their charities and the needs of our members.

Our thanks to:

Sovereign Healthcare Trust for supporting our work in Yorkshire and enabling us to continue providing many people with specialist tailored support, information and outreach services which improve well-being and break any social isolation that deafblindness may bring.

John James Bristol Foundation for supporting our work and enabling us to provide all of the services above in Bristol.

Harrison Clark Solicitors for supporting our work with older deafblind people in Worcestershire.

Boshier-Hinton Foundation for supporting the work of our Deafblind Awareness & Support Officer, over 3 years, from 2009-2011 inclusive.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for supporting our communication and casework services to our ex-Army deafblind members.People's Postcode Trust

People’s Postcode Trust for support towards our digital inclusion work in Greater London.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for supporting the work of our Director of Community Services.

Garfield Weston Foundation for supporting our outreach work in London.

City Bridge Trust for the work of our London Outreach Officers with elderly deafblind people.

Various charitable trusts and foundations which are currently helping us to fund  our peer support and social groups across England and Wales.

Big Lottery Fund

OBig Lottery Fund logover many years, countrywide, the Big Lottery Fund and its predecessors have enabled us to support thousands of deafblind people, carers, family and volunteers through a range of programmes. This includes the provision of capital funds for the National Centre for Deafblindness at our headquarters in Peterborough. In Wales, our In Touch Wales project reduced older deafblind people’s isolation by supporting them to get involved in local community opportunities and services.  In England, the Community in Touch project enabled us to set up a number
of peer support social groups.
We are currently supported by the Big Lottery Fund to run the Reaching Out to Deafblind People project across England.

Legacies and In Memorium collections:

We are honoured to be remembered in many people’s wills and final commemorations in a very special way. Some are people we have known, perhaps supported over the years, others have kindly identified us as a cause. We are grateful to all individuals and families for this generosity which enables us to improve and grow our range of services.

Department of Health

Via the Section 64 funding streams, the Department of Health has supported Deafblind UK with many ventures, most recently the development of our i-decide social enterprise.


We are extremely grateful for the generous support of all the individuals who support deafblind people by running, skydiving, cycling, holding coffee mornings and organising many other events to raise money to support our valuable work.  Find out more about getting involved with or organising an event.


Food Storage & Distribution Federation (FSDF), attendees at their seminar and their sponsor Munters for their generous donation of £500.