Peer Support & Social Groups

Attending an arts dayWhat is a Peer Support & Social Group?

Our popular peer support and social groups provide those with both sight and hearing impairments plus their carers an opportunity to meet people and make friends. At regular meetings, all members are encouraged to get involved in the decision making process to determine what activities the group should do, often including social outings and arranging meetings to enjoy guest speakers on subjects of interest.

Who can attend a Peer Support & Social Group?

Our groups are open to anyone with a combined hearing and sight loss. Generally group members are either partially sighted or blind AND hard of hearing or deaf. The group members can bring a companion to our group meetings and events, assistance dogs and support workers are welcome too.

Benefits of attending a Peer Support & Social Group

Where and when are the Peer Support & Social Groups?

We have many groups across Wales. Please contact our team to find out about the groups in your area.

A big thank you to all the supporters of our peer support groups, find out more here.