Digital Inclusion

Digital InclusionMany of us are now reliant on the internet to access information, services, shop for goods and maintain contact with family and friends. The choice and availability of products and services that enable us to constantly communicate and access information, even while on the move, is growing all the time. Internet and mobile technologies have transformed how we communicate and choose to live.  

Unfortunately, accessibility has not always been at the centre of the digital revolution and  people with a combined sight and hearing loss have not had the same opportunities as others. The high cost of specialist adaptive technologies, the lack of quality information and advice on products available plus a lack of appropriate training opportunities have contributed to excluding many from the digital revolution.

Deafblind UK recognises that without targeted support and training for people who are deafblind or have combined sight and hearing loss, the exclusion and isolation of these people will increase.

Our Digital Inclusion service seeks to maximise the opportunities for Deafblind UK members to get online and benefit from the range of services, information and media available. Our key objectives are as follows:


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