Christmas Present

Here are Deafblind UK’s suggestions to make the most of Christmas…

Christmas shopping Try visiting the shops at quieter times or make use of specific accessible shopping events. Have you thought about doing your shopping online? If you would like to learn more about how to do this, contact Deafblind UK’s digital support team on 0800 132320. Wrapping presents For an easy alternative to cutting paper, … Read more

Roy and his watch

Deafblind UK gives Roy the gift of Time

Roy, in his mid 60’s, is totally blind and can hear loud noises with the help of a hearing aid in his left ear. He has been sight and hearing impaired to this degree for about 15 years. He looks forward each day to a visit from his support worker for a 3 or 4 … Read more

Freddie and Laurel

Volunteering gives Freddie a new perspective

Freddie is a 22 year old student doing a year in industry in Newcastle. He was keen to put his spare time to good use by volunteering for Deafblind UK. He said: “After starting work in Newcastle I realised that I might have a few spare hours each week and I wanted to try and … Read more

Deafblind UK opens up new opportunities for Christine

Christine was born profoundly deaf. Her sight has always been poor but 3 years ago she was diagnosed with late effect polio related blindness which causes the eye muscles to become paralysed. This has left her with next to no sight; she can make out light and dark, and shadows but no more than that. … Read more