Get out in the garden this summer!

The health benefits of the great outdoors have been proven time and again by scientists, so much so that the outdoor pursuit is now being prescribed by doctors! Gardening is a great reason to get outside, by reconnecting with nature, gardeners can improve their physical health, feel less anxious, and even improve their capabilities for … Read more

A boardwalk going down to a beach

Get outside this summer

Extensive research has revealed that getting outdoors can help us to: Improve our cardiovascular health and fitness Reduce stress and anxiety Sharpen short-term memory Concentrate better What’s more, getting outside is particularly beneficial for people with visual and hearing impairments as they can experience multi-sensory sensations, from the smells of local woods to feeling the … Read more

Person holding a basket full of vegetables

Taking the stress out of shopping

For many visually and hearing-impaired people a simple trip to the supermarket can be a stressful experience. A lack of natural light, too many crowds and loud background noise may deter people from making essential trips. Thankfully, UK supermarkets are now making changes to ensure the shopping experience is more pleasant for everyone. There are … Read more

Using a red and white cane with an assistance dog

Myth busters: Understanding what it’s like to be deafblind

Deafblindness is perhaps one of the least understood disabilities. Many misconceptions around deafblindness simply come from not understanding the wide spectrum of health issues that can lead to hearing and sight loss. We aim to promote as independent a lifestyle as possible. This is in fact a lot more achievable than some may believe, so … Read more

Deafblind UK members at a digital support group

‘Connecting Lives’ project announced as Digital Leaders DL100 finalist

Our Connecting Lives project, which introduces the possibilities and benefits of digital technology to people with deafblindness, is a finalist for the ‘Digital Skills or Inclusion Initiative of the Year’ at the Digital Leaders Awards and public voting is now open. Digital Leaders is the nationwide programme for promoting effective, long-term digital transformation across government, … Read more

A stack of books

Enjoying books with sight loss

We are a nation of book worms. Last year nearly 191 million books were sold in the UK. Some of us enjoy the thrill of a good novel to unwind and escape from the day. Others are drawn to the physical experience of a book; the feel of the pages as they become more and … Read more

A stack of pancakes and a glass of orange juice

Kitchen Hacks

Having reduced sight and hearing doesn’t mean you’re banned from cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Here are our top tips for foodies: Lighting Before you reach for the pans, think about the lighting in your kitchen. Is there enough of it? Too much? Is it useful? Task lighting such as spotlights or under-unit … Read more