Deafblind NI

Our team in Northern Ireland (known locally as Deafblind NI) support people living with sight and hearing loss to live the lives they want. All of our services and opportunities to get involved are available in Northern Ireland.

News from Northern Ireland

Deafblind NI has been working with Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland (RNNI) to connect deafblind people with their past by using a variety of reminiscence therapy methods. This helps members to recall good memories through touch, smell and sound which, among other benefits, confirms a sense of unique identity. The groups created a range of work that sparks a particular memory. This included music, colourful hand art featuring facts about their past, and life books. Read more.

John’s story

Johnboy at an archery tournament John has very little sight and no hearing. He communicates through ‘hands on BSL’; a form of British Sign Language which involves the listener placing their hands on top of the communicator’s hands to feel the signs. However, John, from County Antrim doesn’t let his sight and hearing loss hold him back. With the support of an interpreter he has a wide range of hobbies but perhaps the most impressive is his love for archery. He discovered the sport seven years ago and has since become a national champion! Read more. 

Volunteering in Northern Ireland

Our team of volunteers in Northern Ireland help to ensure that we can support as many people as possible. From driving and gardening to befriending and running social groups, we are always pleased to hear from volunteers who would like to help us out.

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