We’ll be posting updates from Bob and the team as he attempts to become the first Deafblind individual to climb the three highest peaks in Scotland, England, and Wales, whilst cycling the 483 miles between them on a tandem bicycle.22:16, Sunday 17th June, the day before the climb
We’ve had dinner in Fort William after a very pleasant drive north though the weather deteriorated this evening. Ben Nevis is snow capped though buried in cloud. The forecast for tomorrow is high winds, rain and sleet!Day 1, Monday 18th June, 08:00
Bob and the team sitting down to Breakfast before they set off

Bob and the team sitting down to Breakfast before they start their climb of Ben Nevis

Day 1, 09:29
The start of the hill

Day 1, 10:14
A quarter of the way up, and it’s sunny!

Day 1, 10:45
Very windy now, and maybe half way up

Day 1, 11:15
The weather is starting to close in on us, very windy

Day 1, continued
Here’s some more pictures of Day 1, as Bob and the team completed their ascent up Ben Nevis

And the moment of truth when they reached the top

Bob says, “It was a tough day. The weather was ok going up the Ben and we had occasional glimpses of the sea lochs below through the cloud. It started to rain then sleet just after we reached the summit so ended up delaying lunch till we were 3/4s of the way down! I was largely able to use my poles to feel my way up though there were many interventions, re-pointing me in the right direction! Going down in the bad weather was a different story as the rocks were very slippery and wet and difficult to make out in the poor light so I needed constant guiding down the rocky path. The descent also took 30mins longer than the climb!

Here’s Bob having a much-deserved cup of coffee after completing the climb and the descent, before getting on the Tandem and starting the next part of his epic journey

Here’s a shot taken by Louise, from inside the guide car

and here’s a shot of Glen Coe from the end of the road

“Getting on the tandem was a relief and Jerry and I managed 23miles to the top of Glen Coe in 1hr 35minutes which will make the Glasgow leg easier tomorrow. Bit stiff tonight so we’ll see what the morning brings. Hopefully better weather though!”

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Join us for more tomorrow, as we post updates of Day 2!