Bob’s Three Peaks Challenge Blog – Day 5

“The weather was brilliant all day and I was just wearing a t-shirt all day, even up top. The drive up Wastwater offered glorious views and we couldn’t wait to get started. The lower paths were straightforward but when we climbed up beside the river it got rockier and I really made use of my sticks.

The views back over Wastwater as we gained height were stunning and we could see the sea and apparently the Isle of Mann beyond too. The view of Scafell in the sunshine got better and better and while I still had to concentrate all the way, there were short stretches of smooth path where I could stride out for a bit. Iain, Gill, Louise and Fred all took turns in walking immediately in front and behind me, and the bright sunshine did the rest.

After a grassy crossing in front of the ridge we headed up the long summit where I followed Fred’s feet to the top with Gill making sure I didn’t stray from behind. Fred also added vocal clues to his guiding … up a step said Fred, left said Fred, right said Fred… you know where this is going don’t you!?! ‘He’s just too sexy for his shirt’ said one our party and it wasn’t one of the guys!

The summit itself was very rocky and was taken very slowly but it was worth it for the spectacular 360degree views at the top and a long leisurely lunch in the sun. Such a contrast from the sleet and high winds on the Ben 4 days ago.

The descent also started slowly but we made steady progress with the occasional photo stop to get a breather or give Iain and Gills 2 dogs Pepe and Hugo a drink from a stream. We took the descent more slowly than Ben Nevis and together with the brilliant light I was mostly able to make my own way down with my walking poles, a pair of heels to follow and an occasional intervention from behind.

The last part of the descent was on the grass with super views of Wastwater and Wasdale Head in the near distance.

Back in the car park after high fives all round etc we met Jan de Witte who works for a blind charity in Flanders in Belgium and will connect me with a Deafblind man he knows.

After that it was a mad dash back to Kendal for dinner with good friends Sue and Brian popping over from Appleby to join the five of us for a grand dinner and a very good end to a great day out. With the dinner at Gills in Fintry on Tuesday that’s two great dinner parties en-route in a week.

Tomorrow Fred and I head south to Lancaster and eventually Liverpool and yes no mention of my knee injury today … so let’s hope it stays that way!

Louise sadly will be on her own in the support car these next two days to Snowdon so Fred and I might have to do a few stops to entertain her with Judith back at home.

Thanks to everyone for your generous support and words of encouragement. We’ve even had some great video messages finishing Go go go! So please keep them coming, we love them.

As for our 2nd Peak day, big thanks to Gill and Iain for coming down from Fintry especially to accompany and guide us up and down Scafell Pike. Also to both Fred and Louise who also did a great job keeping us all safe on the mountain and to Sue and Brian for coming out to see us 10 years after they met us in Carlisle when Louise and I were doing LEJOG. Lastly to the waitress at the Wakefield Arms for convincing me to have a Rocky Road sundae at dinner!”

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