Bob’s Three Peaks Challenge Blog – Day 6

Here’s Bob’s Blog from day 6 of #BobsThreePeaksChallenge for #DeafblindAwarenessWeek:

“A very good day today and 84miles completed all the way from Kendal to the Beatles statue in Liverpool’s Pier Head. The weather was warm and often sunny but we were cycling into a headwind most of the day.

We set off after an excellent cooked breakfast and repacking the bike and putting Fred’s shiny new saddle in place of Jerry’s. We also removed Jerry’s 3 day old toasted sandwich from the pannier bag!

As we headed out of Kendal we were surprised to see Louise accompanied by Gill and Iain with their two dogs waving us off before they headed back north to Fintry with their caravan. The first 25miles was through gentle rolling hills till we made a small detour to see the bay and sea front at Morecambe, not to mention an old childhood hero of mine! Needless to say Fred had never heard of Eric Morecambe but he humoured me.

Afterwards we headed through Lancaster and Garstang before grabbing a coffee in Marston. Place name of the day must be ‘Slyne With Hest’. Any clues anyone?! Preston was interesting, as we were nearly blown over by a strong Westerly wind on our way in, and then we ended up in what must be one of the worlds biggest car parks by the station, before a railway worker was able to point us back on the Liverpool road. After yet another milkshake lunch in Much Hoole we had an uneventful ride down the A59 all the way in to Liverpool.

Now for the grumpy old man column. Cycling in the busy North West has meant interminable (red) traffic lights and while it was fun practising our Le Mans style fast starts for a while, the novelty particularly in Liverpool, wore off. The other moan is bad tarmac. This bothered Jerry and I too, as so many roads have rough tarmac, which on our boneshaker translates into severe jarring at times and increased bum fatigue!

Once in Liverpool we managed to cycle to the finishing straight at Aintree and briefly watch a dressage competition before heading through another 100 red lights to our hotel for the night. We were welcomed there by Louise and an old school friend Barry who is also a member of Deafblind UK.

We spent a great evening reminiscing with him and his partner Rachel, wandering around Pier Head, the Cavern club and some of the finer architecture in this part of the city. Fred not being a Beatles fan either bore it all very stoically but no doubt the good Italian food and wine helped!

A great day all in all so big thanks to Liz Bates, Chief Executive of Deafblind UK, for organising the Hotel, the staff at the Radisson Blu for making us so welcome, Louise for popping up every time we needed her, Fred for filling Jerry’s shoes so well and of course Barry and Rachel for coming out from the Wirral to spend the evening with us. North Wales beckons tomorrow and I can’t wait!

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