Bob’s Three Peaks Challenge Blog – Day 8

Here’s Bob’s Blog on Day 8 of #BobsThreePeaksChallenge:

It’s been a great finish to the challenge with glorious weather all day and little wind. After my 8th cooked breakfast in a row (and my last for a while probably!) we headed back to Pen Y Pass to begin our final climb. As we pulled up we were greet d by another old friend from school, Chris Lehfeldt who is over from the US and wanted to wish us well. Another good friend Alison then arrived to join us for the climb having bumped into her yesterday evening at Betsy Coed. We set off up the Miners path after the regulation photo line-up (Fred still can’t understand why we keep doing this!) and the first part of the walk was ideal. A smooth path and gentle climbing past 3 Lakes and the old mine.

The climb up to the ridge was the most challenging stretch of all the 3 peaks and there was a lot of stumbling and missed footing but the team were great. The re-emergence of ‘this way said Fred!’ leading from the front so I could follow his feet and Louise and Alison taking turns to watch my back and occasionally nudge my rucksack firmly away from the edge! Midge the dog was on a lead (to stop her rounding up sheep!) so the ladies had their hands full with both of us.

There were 3 stretches of scrambling on the way up and I tried not to think about the way back down. Once on the ridge the scenery opened up and I could see the whole coast line through the summer haze. The going was also much easier and when we got to the summit I finally noticed Louise was no longer behind me as she filmed my last few steps to the very top. We just grabbed a few quick photos (sorry Fred!) then got back down as there were so many flies on top and we were in dire need of lunch.

We took it on the ridge and a more magnificent backdrop would be hard to find. Sadly all good things come to an end and we set off back down the ridge till our path dropped over the edge. Though it was still very hot we now had a welcome bit of a breeze which made things much easier. However I found following Fred’s feet and using my poles was no longer enough with the steep descent so Fred took my arm and guided me all the way down whilst I used one pole in my free hand, again with Louise and Alison taking it in turns to follow me and lead Midge.

We had one water stop on the way down but it worked so well we got down from the ridge in an hour and found ourselves on the shingle beach of Glas Lyn surprisingly quickly. Fred, Alison and Louise all enjoyed a cooling paddle and I took nearly all my kit off and ran in. Don’t tell the others but the water was freezing and it took me 20yards front crawl to start breathing normally again but it was fantastic! It was probably one of the most scenic swims ever and Being the only swimmer was pretty special. Drying out was no problem in the heat and I felt so good afterwards I was ready to tackle the two miles or so back to the car park with a gusto.

Apart from a stretch of rocky path back to the mine I was able to walk unaided and take a few scenery photographs too. The two ladies chatted all the way back and Fred and I did a 200 metre dash near the end to make sure we finished in front of them!

After a few Celebratory photos we hared off to Conway and enjoyed a well deserved end of Challenge dinner at an excellent Italian there. We also drank a toast not just to the four of us but also to David, Gillian, Iain, Drena , Hammy, Jerry and Judith who all made this challenge possible for me. Big thanks to Chris for coming out to see us off this morning, Alison and Midge for accompanying us on a wonderful day, Fred in particular for his very patient guiding up and down and if course Louise for not only making sure that my rucksack and Car keys were safe but also for the long drive home. Thanks to everyone for your support and now we have the Deafblind UK Recommitment Ceremony at Peterborough to look forward to on Wednesday.

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