Christmas 2021 appeal

Small things make a big difference.

We make sure all our members know that someone is thinking of them and have someone to talk to.

  • Reg lives alone since losing his wife. He has macular degeneration which has left him with very poor sight. He has hearing aids but still misses a lot of conversations. Reg called to thank us for sending him a birthday card, saying that “it was the best thing ever” – it was the only card he received
  • Cheryl is a full time carer for her elderly deafblind aunt. She is surrounded by friends and family but has never felt so alone until she spoke to us. She said: “It was brilliant to talk to someone outside my situation to help process what I was going through!”
  • Sarah is deafblind, she’s a single mum to Jack, aged two. She spent a week in our accessible caravan with her Jack and her parents. This gave her the space to be the mother she wants to be without the stress and loneliness that being a single parent can bring. She wrote to us to say: “A thousand thanks for the week that has created so much and changed our lives for the better.”

We help thousands more people like Reg, Cheryl and Sarah. Thousands of people who know we care because we send cards, check they’re OK and give them opportunities to talk.

It doesn’t take a lot to let someone know you care.

Just £10 can buy someone a years’ subscription to Open Hand – the only magazine written specifically for people who are deafblind – to give them access to information and support in a format that they can access.

£30 can pay for us to run a remote social group, giving up to 8 people a chance to meet other people and socialise; a welcome break to their long silent days and for some, their only chance to meet other people. 

A £50 gift can give someone a counselling session with our trained therapists, to help them process their sight and hearing loss and to lift them from the darkness.

It’s easy to show you care, simply make a donation using the form below, call us on 01733 358100 or post a cheque to Deafblind UK, 19 Rainbow Court, Paston Ridings, Peterborough PE4 7UP.



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