Christmas Cards 2018

Deafblind UK’s 2018 range of Charity Christmas Cards are now in stock.

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to diversify our work and support our members. This Christmas, we wanted to do something a little different, and give you all the opportunity to support Deafblind UK’s work while sending glad tidings to your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Buying your Christmas Cards through Deafblind UK will directly support our work, as all profits will be going straight back into the charity and funding our services that support our members and enable them to lead the lives they want.

Cards come in a mixed pack of 10, with two designs available. These are available for £3.95. There will also be a postage charge. Sometimes people choose not to send cards but make a donation instead, and if they chose to do this for Deafblind UK, just £5 could pay for a well being call for one of our members.

Costs and postage for the cards are as follows:

  • 1 pack – £5.17 (£3.95 +£1.22 P&P with VAT)
  • 2 packs – £9.50 (£7.90 +£1.60 P&P with VAT)
  • 3 packs – £15.11 (£11.85 +£3.26 P&P with VAT)
  • 4 packs – £19.06 (£15.80 +£3.26 P&P with VAT)
  • 5 packs – £23.01 (£19.75 +£3.26 + P&P with VAT)

For more information and to purchase your Deafblind UK 2018 Christmas Cards, please visit call our Information and Advice Line on 0800 132 320