Colchester East Social Group Celebrate American Independence Day

The USA was all the talk at the Colchester East social group gathering in August as they enjoyed a belated celebration of this year’s Independence Day with a wonderfully themed ‘American Day’ extravaganza. The event was brilliantly choreographed by DBUK member Pam House, an American herself whose native homeland is the state of Alabama.

American themes peppered the occasion, an American flag adorned the fireplace, bunting bedecked the windows displaying the colours of red, white and blue against a backdrop of the famous stars and stripes. There was a colourful dining table lovingly laid with an American patterned table cloth, dressed with matching napkins and American style nibbles.

DBUK outreach officers Tim and Jo joined in the fun, raising the excitement with a sparkling star spangled banner and both clad in authentic leather hide cowboy hats.

America-Day-Pass-ParcelSaddling the activities for the day was Pam. An American themed quiz saw member, Daniel, crowned champion and the group had a clever twist on pass the parcel where players rely on the sensitivity of their touch to identify prizes. This saw Margaret walk off with a lime green shower cap which she had originally thought were a pair of knickers!

This was all topped off with a wonderful lunch of mini hamburgers, hotdogs and french fries, washed down with some American style cloudy lemonade. If that wasn`t enough, volunteer Louise furthered the themed contributions with some good old apple pie and custard. She even made white iced sponge cake decorated with raspberries and blueberries depicting the American flag.

America Day CakePam had some post dinner music on hand from the American handbook giving Tim and Joyce the opportunity to dance together, a spirited do-si-do!

Everybody had a great time. A huge thanks must go to Pam for all her fabulous organisation, volunteers Rosemary and Louise for ensuring the event ran smoothly and of course to the members for making what was in Jo’s words ‘a wonderful group session… the most loveliest of days…’.

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