The Deafblind UK conference centre is based in the National Centre for Deafblindness in Peterborough; a unique purpose built building that is fully accessible to people with disabilities, especially those with sight and hearing impairments.

Hearing loop

All our conference rooms have a state of the art hearing loop system for guests to use.

Simple layout

The building is shaped like a giant loop, or doughnut as we like to call it! This clever design means that you can’t get lost; if you’re not where you're supposed to be and don't know where your meeting room is, just keep walking round!

Doors and corridors

All corridors and doorways are extra wide to accommodate for wheelchairs and other disability aids. The colour scheme of the corridors provides maximum contrast for people with visual impairments. Dark hand rails are attached to light coloured walls all the way around the building.

In addition, each of our extra-wide doors has a contrasting coloured strip running down the edge to help those with vision impairments, and extra long windows to cater for those in wheelchairs.


All our toilets are spacious with extra-wide doors and simple locks. We also have some toilets with low level sinks.

Natural light

Plenty of large windows ensures the building benefits from a lot of natural light. The reception area is designed to be especially light and, in addition to a large canopy over the entrance, ensures minimum shock to the eyes when you enter and leave the building.

To support this, the dark carpet which runs around the building gets progressively lighter towards the main entrance. Again, this is to allow your eyes to get used to the brightness of the outdoors.

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