Deafblind Convention 2021 – guidance for speakers and interpreters

Thank you for taking part in the Deafblind Convention 2021! This simple guide details what you need to do on the day to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

Stream hosts

We will be running two streams of talks on the day, so there will be another talk happening at the same time as yours and guests can choose which one they want to attend.

Each stream will have two ‘hosts’ – these are Deafblind UK staff who will make sure that everything runs smoothly. Your host will introduce themselves to you before your session starts.  They will introduce you to the guests and will close the session at the end of your talk.


We are keen to make the event as accessible as possible for people who have sight and/or hearing loss, so please note the following:

  • A communications support team will be present in all sessions, giving BSL interpretation and lip speaking support. Please bear this in mind when talking – give the interpreters time to catch up if they need.
  • Try to sit against a plain background and avoid using the virtual ‘fake’ backgrounds as these can distort the view.
  • Some guests will be lipreading you, so please ensure your lips are clearly visible and do not sit in front of a window or other light source as this makes it difficult to see you.
  • Ideally, wear a plain, dark top – avoid busy patterns and white.
  • Live captioning will be enabled on all talks
  • The live chat feature will be turned off, as this is inaccessible to some of our guests.

Logging in

Go to, enter your email address and the password that was emailed to you.

Go to ‘Agenda’

Each session is be listed and you will have the option to join each session as a guest by clicking ‘Join session’.

On your talk, you will have the option to ‘Join as speaker’

Starting your talk

10 mins before you talk, click ‘Join as speaker’

The system will automatically check that your camera, microphone, connectivity and speaker are all working. This might take a few minutes.

You will enter the virtual meeting room. In this room will be: The speaker, interpreters, and your stream host.

You will have 10 minutes to familiarize yourself with the platform. It works in much the same way as Zoom or Teams, you have functionality to share your screen if you are using a presentation. Please remember to email a copy of your presentation to Deafblind UK in advance so we have a copy if needed.

Shortly before the start time, the host will allow guests into the room. The host will then introduce you and hand over to you.

The host will then turn their camera off, but they will be present throughout your talk, should you need any help.

You can communicate with the host via the chat function if you need to. This will not be seen by the guests.

Language service professionals

In some sessions there will be quite a few speakers and interpreters present. Please turn your camera and microphone off when you are not interpreting.

Ending your talk

Please be aware of timings and make sure you finish your talk on or before the finish time.

Your host will give you a 1 minute warning via the chat. They will then turn their camera on and be ready to take over once you finish your talk.

It is really important that your talk finishes on time, so that guests have enough time to go to any subsequent sessions without missing your content. Therefore, if you haven’t finished on time your host will politely interrupt and close your session.

Before the end of your talk, guests will receive a notification of upcoming talks. Once the session has ended, guests will be asked to rate your talk out of 5.


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