Deafblind NI outing to Ballymoney

Here’s our Engagement Officer, James McVicker, discussing the recent Deafblind NI outing to Ballymoney.

On 21st August, The Coleraine Group had their outing to Ballymoney. We Met at Boyd’s Café at noon and had lunch. Had a chat and a laugh and then walked down the street to the Joey Dunlop Memorial Gardens. We admired the plaques and flowers. We then walked further on down to Joey’s Bar where we had a seat and got a photo opportunity.

Joey Dunlop and his family are famous motorbike racers from Ballymoney.

I feel the trip was a good way of bonding the members together as we were building and strengthening relationships. This in turn combats loneliness and isolation. We also had a laugh which encourages good mental health. There was some walking in the fresh air involved which encourages us to be active.