Deafblind UK visits Dunseverick Primary School

A few weeks ago, our Engagement Officer James McVicker and our member Johnboy visited Dunseverick Primary School in Northern Ireland. Here’s what they had to say to the pupils:


Good morning everyone. My name is James I Work for a company called Deafblind Northern Ireland.

Before a talk on can you tell me how many senses we have?


Well I work with people who just have 3 senses!  Can you guess what senses they don’t have?

Yes their Ears and their Eyes don’t work very well. So that means they have to rely on the other senses they have! Most Deafblind people I know are really good at recognising objects through touching them!

So this morning I want to see how good your sense of touch is. I wander if you can identify some of the objects I have in the bag!


Each object represented a sense (Magnifying glass for eyes, Tin Whistle fro Hearing, sock for smell!!)

So after doing that I hope you know how important your sense of sight and hearing is and how important it is to look after them.

My friend

Now before I go I want to tell you about a friend of mine. He is called John! John is Deafblind. He can’t see and he can’t hear. (Cover eyes and ears)

But what you don’t know about John is that he is a champion Archer! And has won many medals in that sport! He competes all over the world.

So remember we never let our differences hold us back!  Some of us might talk different, use sign language or might need a bit of extra help finding our way. But whether you can see or you can’t, we are all alike inside and that’s what is important.