Finding a Different Way to Volunteer: Meet Scott & Fletcher

Some volunteering roles can be a little different to what you might expect…It’s not all about working directly with members, you can volunteer in other ways too!

Meet Scott and Fletcher. Our brilliant new admin volunteers in our Peterborough office who give their time to connect Deafblind UK to other organisations that can offer additional services to our members. They’re doing a wonderful job, and come in regularly for a few hours on a Friday to connect with organisations on social media and create a database of other support services across the UK.

Their goal is to build relationships with these organisations so we can point our members their way if they provide services we don’t. Additionally, they will be spreading the word about Deafblind UK, so we can reach more people who need our help.

“Volunteering at Deafblind UK has really helped me with my confidence and understanding of being in an office environment. Every time I come in I feel like I’ve done something great and worthwhile. Knowing I’m helping connect people gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Everyone is very friendly and I’m really enjoying my time here.”– Fletcher

Their experiences as volunteers are invaluable to each of them, as not only does it boost their confidence and self-esteem it also helps them gain new skills to add to their CVs.

Deafblind UK are so grateful for all of their hard work and support that they give us.

If you have knowledge, expertise or simply want to support deafblind people or our services, get in touch! Whether you’re a fabulous writer or a brilliant graphic designer or just happy to do simple office tasks we’d love to have you on board. Just get in touch using the contact details below or click here to take a look and apply for our current volunteering opportunities.

Interested in volunteering? Get in touch:
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