Deafblind Convention 2022 ‘Embracing Change’

The hugely popular Deafblind Convention is back and bigger than ever! Join us for a digital experience exploring how deafblindness forces us to change and how a changing world impacts deafblindness, delivered by industry leaders in the technology, education, and research sectors.

6th October 2022, online event

Deafblind Convention 2022 Deafblind UK


Explore our panel of world class speakers, many with lived experiences of deafblindness. They’re ready to share their stories, experience, and insight into living better with deafblindness and the continual changes it brings.

Deafblind Convention 2022 Deafblind UK


Choose from a wide range of insightful talks from speakers who are passionate about deafblindness. From deepening your professional understanding of deafblindness, to keeping updated on the latest research – we have something for you!

Deafblind Convention 2022 Deafblind UK


Join the largest convention for people with dual sensory loss - whether you're living with deafblindness, supporting someone who does or working in this field. Come and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences of living better with deafblindness.

How it works

This is an online event, so you can join us for as much or as little as you like - all from the comfort of your own home. Your free ticket gives you full access to all the live talks, as well as access to downloadable talks to watch on demand.

Personalise your day by choosing from a wide variety of talks, for an experience that's unique to your interests.

All you need to do is sign up using the online form, and we will contact you closer to the time with all the details, schedule and links to view the talks.

Here are all our speakers and topics for the day:

Deafblind Convention 2022 Deafblind UK
  • Accessibility at the BBC
    Alan Boyde and Matt Paradis, BBC
  • Understanding the perceptions and experiences of the deafblind community about digital games
    Arthur Theil, Birmingham City University
  • The impact of Covid 19 on deafblind assessments
    Dr Pete Simcock, Birmingham City University
  • Representing deafblindness
    Drena O’Mally, Deafblind Scotland
  • Experiencing the Muslim culture as a deafblind person
    Imtiaz Naqvi, Deafblind UK member
  • Experiencing education as a deafblind student
    Jack Yare
  • The future of work must prioritise disability inclusion
    Catarina Rivera, Deafblind Advocate
  • Identifying areas and goals of rehabilitation in aquired Deafblindness: A dialogical approach
    Kolbein Lyng (Psychologist) and Else-Marie Svingen (Specialist Consultant in deafblindness)
  • Living through change
    Robert Nolan, Deafblind UK
  • The impact of the Usher Camp
    Chloe Joyner, Usher Kids UK
  • Using Counselling manage change
    Hayley Headington, Deafblind UK
  • Embracing change through technology
    Tim Locke, Deafblind UK
Deafblind Convention 2022 Deafblind UK


We want to make sure everyone has a great experience at the Deafblind Convention.

BSL interpreters, lipspeakers and captions will be available at all talks on the day.

If you have any questions about accessibility at this event, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. You can email us at or call us on 0800 132320.

Meet our panel of speakers

Our panel of speakers represents leaders in technology, education and research - and more! Together we'll focus on the topic of 'Embracing Change'. Here you can find out more about each speaker, their career and interests.

Dr Peter Simcock

Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Birmingham City University

In addition to teaching on BSc and MSc Social Work courses, Peter is also the Course Lead for the Certificate and Diploma in Professional Studies (Deafblind Studies). 

Peter is the current Chair of the Deafblind International Acquired Deafblindness Network (ADBN).  He is delighted to be an Ambassador for Deafblind UK, especially as his interest in the field began when working as a volunteer communicator-guide for the charity in the late 1990s.

Matt Paradis

Senior R&D Engineer, BBC Audio Team

Matthew’s work is focused on delivering new responsive and interactive audio experiences predominantly in the browser.

Chloe Joyner

Founder, Usher Kids

Chloe founded Usher Kids in 2017. Usher Kids is a national charity, championing the needs of children and families living with Usher syndrome. With her unique insight and passion, she is a powerful advocate who helps families overcome challenges and articulates patient perspectives. Chloe builds strong collaborations within charity, research, education and clinical sectors to deliver new and improved services and resources to address previously unmet needs within the community.

Catarina Rivera

Deafblind Advocate

Catarina works with companies to improve accessibility and inclusion, retain employees, and design better products. Catarina has worn hearing aids from a young age and was diagnosed with progressive vision loss at 17 years old.

Arthur Theil

Lecturer, Birmingham City University

Drena O’Mally

Deafblind Scotland

Drena O’Malley is recognised for her continuous work with deaf and deafblind people for over 30 years.

Kolbein Lyng


Kolbein Lyng is a psychologist and retired professor of Health Sciences. He collaborated with Else Marie Svingen to develop a screening tool for the identification of severe dual sensory loss in old age (SDSL).
He has also lead a project on aging and autism at the Autism Unit at the University of Oslo.

Else-Marie Svingen

Specialist Consultant in deafblindness

Else Marie Svingen is a Special Educator recently retired from the field of dual sensory impairment and deafblindness where she has worked since the1980s. She is a former Head of the unit at Statped in Oslo where she contributed significantly to the fields of acquired and congenital deafblindness through her research, teaching, rehabilitation work, professional training and management. Her research work focused on the quality of service provision for elderly people with dual sensory loss, in close collaboration with Kolbein Lyng.

Imtiaz Naqvi

Deafblind UK member

Hayley Headington

Deafblind UK

Robert Nolan

Deafblind UK

Jack Yare


Tim Locke

Deafblind UK

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