Get Your Eyes Tested Even If You Can See Well

As part of the recent National Eye Health Week, Fight for Sight were encouraging people to have an eye test at least every two years in a campaign supported by EastEnders actress June Brown who has an eye condition herself. Research by the charity has shown that three in ten people don’t get an eye test at the recommended frequency.

The main reason people give for not getting a test is that they think that they can see well. However, an eye test can pick up on the early stages of eye conditions like glaucoma as well as on many other conditions not related to sight, including diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammatory disease and even brain tumours, so it’s important to get an eye test even if you think your sight is fine.

June Brown said “I personally know how important it is to look after your sight. I suffered with a ruptured cyst, which unfortunately deteriorated to the point now where I have very poor sight. I would urge everyone to have their eyes tested regularly.”

Mark Bowell, 49, from Liverpool, was diagnosed with glaucoma when it was at an advanced stage. He said: “It never occurred to me that there could be anything wrong with my eyes; I hadn’t been for an eye test for nearly ten years.

“I was so wrong. When it was bad enough to prompt me to go for a test I found that both my eyes had permanent damage and that we could have stopped it. Please learn from my mistake!”.

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