Here are Deafblind UK’s suggestions to make the most of Christmas…

Christmas shopping

Try visiting the shops at quieter times or make use of specific accessible shopping events. Have you thought about doing your shopping online? If you would like to learn more about how to do this, contact Deafblind UK’s digital support team on 0800 132320.

Wrapping presents

For an easy alternative to cutting paper, using sticky tape and scissors, why not use a hassle free gift bag instead? Some shops also have a free gift-wrapping service, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Preparing for a social gathering

Before the event, ensure you have spare batteries for your hearing aids and that they are in good working order. On the day, make sure the lighting is beneficial rather than a hindrance. For example, sitting with your back to the window might help you lip read friends and family members. Remember to give your glasses a good clean – it sounds obvious, but sometimes it can make a world of difference! And finally, use coloured wine glasses, they are easier to see and less likely to be knocked over.

Christmas Cooking

If you are hosting Christmas, try to do as much food preparation in advance as possible. BBC Good Food has a Christmas meal planner that can give you inspiration and advice on everything – from getting the gravy right to sharing the Christmas cooking and a countdown of tasks to keep you on track. Remember if you need help with anything online, contact our Digital Inclusion team who will be happy to offer support.

Gift list

You might want to ask Father Christmas for a piece of equipment to support you independently. Whether it’s a big button phone, talking clock or the latest smart watch, these things make great presents to ask for to help boost independence. But remember, the holiday season is not just about material goods. If you find present buying difficult, perhaps you could give some of your time and skills as a gift. This could be invaluable and a touching way to offer something special. Sometimes little gestures are the things that make special memories.

And finally…

For more tips and tricks to have a hassle free Christmas, or information and advice about sight and hearing loss, contact us.