Magnifiers can be really useful to people with reduced sight by simply making things bigger. There is lots of choice on the market today depending on what you want to do.

Handheld magnifying glasses are reasonably cheap to buy and are really handy to keep in your pocket or handbag. These can be useful for reading labels, menus or short letters.

For longer pieces of text, try a line magnifier. These have a red line across them to help you to scan text more easily. Stand magnifiers are useful for larger blocks of text, documents or anything that you might be looking at for a long time.

For occasional use, why not use your smartphone’s in-built magnification tool or even take a photo of some text and use a screen reader to read it to you. Or, for more regular use, video-based magnifiers can display text on a large screen and can even read it aloud for you too.

A wide range of magnification tools are available from the RNIB shop.