Quick Fixes


Bump-ons are slightly raised stickers that are often used by visually impaired people around the home. They can be used however you want; to identify a setting on the oven dial, to indicate the ‘power’ button on the TV remote, or to help you find the right light switch. Bump-ons are a cost effective way to help maintain your independence at home.


Tacti-Mark is a liquid plastic that sets hard in any shape you want. Simply draw out what you want and leave it to dry. This great for creating your own tactile information.

Colour contrast

Use high colour contrast to make things stand out. For example, a white plate on a dark table cloth makes it easier to see where the plate is. You could use coloured tape to identify doorways or steps, or even paint your skirting boards a dark colour and your walls a light colour.

Please bear in mind that deafblindness affects everyone in different ways and sometimes quick fixes might actually hide a bigger problem. If you are affected by sight and hearing loss, we recommend you request a deafblind assessment from your Local Authority.