Talking Technology

Talking gadgets can be a useful household addition to people who have reduced vision but some useful hearing. There is a huge range of talking products on the market today.

Audio books – RNIB’s Talking Books service is free to use and gives you access to 25,000 books that you can listen to.
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Talking microwaves – these can tell you when the door is open or closes, the setting you have chosen and the cooking time.

GPS assistants – this can be as simple as configuring Google Maps on your own smartphone to help you get to where you need to be. For example, it might vibrate once to tell you to turn right and vibrate twice to tell you to turn left. If you’re feeling more adventurous a personal GPS device, like the Trekker Breeze might be for you.

Home safety – you might want to consider a vibrating or flashing smoke detector, doorbell and security alarm to give extra piece of mind. These items are readily available in mainstream hardware shops or on the internet.