Amazon Echo

DBUK digital ambassador Ruth is a tremendous champion of the positive benefits technology can have on daily lives. A myriad of digital devices support her everyday activities and she is keen to pass on these experiences to others.

‘As a daily living trainer for the macular society and now as a digital member volunteer for the DBUK Wrexham DI group – I love being able to give back to the VI community in any way I can…’

A recent gift from a family member added the Amazon Echo Dot to Ruth’s ever expanding digital library – Amazon’s latest version of their hands free, voice enabled speaker.

Ruth explains…

‘I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick but Alexa has proven to have wonderful dimensions…’

The ‘Alexa’ voice service that Ruth refers to is the Echo’s voice controlled cloud system that acts as the devices’ personal digital assistant.

Ruth continues…

‘Alexa is the wake word – I always start the day asking ‘’Alexa, what is going on in the news today’’ ‘

Ruth then explains how Alexa swiftly responds with the morning headlines. She enthuses. ‘It’s great – there is no way I could read all this!’

As the day unfolds, Ruth finds herself calling on Alexa’s services with frequent regularity

‘Viewing my calendar entries, making my shopping list, and setting cooking timers…Alexa helps me with it all…’

When it is time to relax, Alexa seems equally obliging. Radio, music and listening books are all media channels within her grasp and Ruth seems to have mastered all the necessary commands.

‘It’s easy….listening to my favourite murder mysteries is as simple as saying ‘Alexa, resume my next book!’

Complimenting perfectly the Synapptic smartphone and tablet that Ruth uses – additional technology which also offers huge benefits to the VI community, Alexa also seems to have the personal touch. Ruth concludes

‘….. it feels like there is somebody else to talk to …it’s like having another companion in the house. She can say some quite funny things sometimes… I think it’s absolutely marvellous.’

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