Registering your sight loss

If your sight loss is severe then you may want to register as ‘sight impaired’ or ‘severely sight impaired’. This means that you will be added to a sight loss register and you will be offered certain support and concessions.

If you want to join the register, your ophthalmologist will need to certify you first. If your sight loss meets the relevant criteria then they will give you an official certificate which certifies you as either ‘sight impaired’ or severely sight impaired’.

After you have been certified your local social services team will contact you, asking if you would like to be registered. Registration is entirely voluntary, if you choose not to join the register you may still be entitled to other appropriate support from the Council.

The sight loss register is held by either your local Council or by another organisation that has been contracted to do so. They will give you a registration card to evidence that you have a registered sight loss. This will allow you discounted entry to certain places, reduced TV licence fees, reduced NHS costs, reduced Council Tax, increased tax allowances and free local public transport. It can also make claiming certain welfare benefits easier by evidencing your sight loss. Your exact entitlements will vary by whether you are registered sight impaired or severely sight impaired.