My life through music and touch

My life through music and touch Deafblind UKRuss Palmer SRAT(M), Music Therapist

I shall focus on my personal journey with challenges, changes and careers from computers to music therapy. This has been a long journey through many countries, including Norway and Finland. This has enabled me to reach my changing goals in life. Looking back over these 30 years of change I’ve come to realise the most important things in life are communication, love and support as well as believing in oneself – and never  giving up. How does one do this? I suppose, through building up confidence, recognising one’s limitations but also finding one’s strengths and new ways of making things happen. One musn’t forget humour and keeping to the bright side of life – as Monty Python used to say.

About Russ

Hi, I’m Russ dividing my time between the UK and Finland. I am a music therapist and a vibroacoustic therapy practitioner, singer-songwriter and a musician. I am deafblind with Usher Syndrome wearing two CIs. I’ve been involved in the development of a portable music floor known as the Tac-Tile Sounds SystemTM with Sheffield University. I’ve published several articles in scientific journals as well as books in several languages on musical environment, music appreciation, dual-sensory impairment and social-haptic communication. I’ve also delivered talks and plenaries at international conferences on those topics. I use music therapy, musical expression, social-haptic communication and vibrations to help people losing their hearing and sight to develop other senses in their body to interpret music, rhythm and vibrations. I’ve also released one CD and two DVDs on my musical journey. I enjoy music, concerts, socialising and the odd pint or two.


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