Ruth’s Amazon Echo

Digital Support Ambassador, Ruth is a tremendous champion of the positive benefits technology can have on daily lives. A myriad of digital devices support her everyday activities and she is keen to pass on these experiences to others. told us about her new ‘Echo Dot’; the new voice enabled, hands free speaker from Amazon’s Alexa range.

Ruth explains: “I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick but the Echo has proven to have wonderful dimensions. I always start the day by asking it what is going on in the news today. The Echo then responds with the morning headlines – it’s great, there is no way I could read all this!”

As the day unfolds, Ruth finds herself calling on Alexa’s services frequently: “I use the Echo to tell me what’s in my diary for the day, to write my shopping list and even to set cooking timers.”

Alexa certainly has the personal touch and compliments the Synapptic smartphone and tablet that Ruth uses – additional technology which also offers huge benefits to the people with reduced vision.

When it is time to relax, the Echo seems equally obliging. Radio, music and listening books are all easily within Ruth’s grasp and she has mastered all the necessary commands. “It’s so easy, listening to my favourite murder mystery is as simple as saying ‘Resume my next book!’

“It feels like there is somebody else to talk to, it’s like having another companion in the house, I think it’s absolutely marvellous!” Concluded Ruth.

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