Council Tax Takeover


Did you know that most people only pay their Council Tax for 10 months of the year?  So in February and March you won’t pay Council Tax – why not put that money to good use and support people with sight and hearing loss with a small annual donation?

Donate just £45 of your Council Tax saving to help deafblind people today!

A life with deafblindness can be dark and quiet. A deafblind person’s world can be small and lonely. Communication is difficult and social interaction can be rare. Everyday activities can become frightening, confidence draining and exhaustingly difficult.

The average Council Tax is £145 per month – that’s a saving of £290 throughout February and March. If you donate just £45 to Deafblind UK, that would train a volunteer to support a deafblind person - and you would still have £245 left over to treat yourself!

Your small gift could make a huge difference to someone like Barbara who lost her sight and hearing just a few years ago.  She can’t see well enough to watch TV or read a book.  Instead, she sits at the window all day watching the shadows that pass her gate and makes up stories for herself about who that person is and where they may be going.  In her early 70’s, she is fit and healthy in every other way, and could live for another 20 years. Barbara has a volunteer who visits her once a week but without this, she would not have any interaction with the outside world.

Barbara and her volunteer

Just £45 can train a volunteer to communicate with and support a deafblind person, giving them some much needed company.

Please help. There are over 400,000 people in the UK just like Barbara.  Your Council Tax donation could make all the difference.

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