Football Fundraiser

Close up of a black and white football on grass

Did you know… there are over 400,000 people living with deafblindness in the UK? That’s enough people to fill Wembley stadium nearly five times!

Deafblindness is the loss of both sight and hearing to the point where you struggle to communicate, get around and access information. It can be frightening, lonely and difficult to live with, often robbing you of your confidence and motivation.

We support people like John to live they life they want, whether this means going to a football match or having a pint in their local – and everything in between!  However, we need to raise a massive £35,000 each week to do this.

Can you help?

This football season, we are working with pubs and bars across the country to have a bit of fun and raise money to support people who are deafblind.

Why not take one of our scratch cards to your local pub, get everyone to pick a team at £2 a go and someone could win £25!

Order your Football Fundraiser pack and support Deafblind UK today!