Why should I write a Will?

To make sure your wishes are followed after you die. To make it easier for those you leave behind to sort out your estate, and to make sure the people and causes that you care most about are looked after.

What about inheritance tax?

Inheritance tax will have to be paid on the value of your estate over £325,000. However, you do not need to pay inheritance tax on anything that you leave to your spouse or civil partner, or to a charity.

Why should I leave a legacy gift in my Will?

We could not do the life changing work that we do without the generosity of our supporters. This is your chance to ensure that causes you care about can continue to support people for years to come.

Legacy gifts have helped us to run vital services like our information and advice line, which has been running for over 22 years, or our befriending service which, for some people, is their only chance to talk to other people.

“It has totally changed my life, I now have something else and someone else to think about!”

Will my gift be taxed?

You will not be taxed on anything that you leave to a charity in your Will.

Can I amend my will to include a gift to Deafblind UK?

Yes, this is really easy and we would be extremely grateful for your support. Click here to read how to do this. 

How much should I leave?

This is entirely up to you. Any gift, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference to people who are deafblind. Just £500 could provide volunteers, like Sharon, to 30 deafblind people or £1,000 could pay for a braille printer so that we can communicate with people independently. Whereas £35,000 could fund all of our services for a whole week or £69,000 could fund our information and advice line for a whole year!

Make the pledge

If you are planning to include a gift to Deafblind UK in your will the we would love to hear from you! Make your pledge by completing the form below and join us in making the world a better place for people who are deafblind.