Leave A Legacy

Leaving a gift to Deafblind UK in your Will could help us to run more social groups to give deafblind people some much needed social interaction; it could pay for a deafblind person to have a befriender to take them out of the house once a week; or it might help to keep our Information and Advice Line open allowing us be there in someone’s darkest hours.

Last year gifts left to Deafblind UK in Wills allowed us to provide our Digital Inclusion project, allowing more of our members like Sheila to connect to others using technology.

Sheila with her tabletSheila was born profoundly deaf and has recently developed macular degeneration. For many years Sheila has used a fax machine to communicate with her daughters. But as fax machines are fast becoming obsolete, they found it increasingly difficult to maintain contact with each other. Our Digital Inclusion Officer coached her in how to use a tablet and after just a few months, Sheila can email her daughters and use video calls to talk with BSL. Click here to read more of Sheila’s story.

How to leave a gift

Leaving a gift in your Will is easy, you can quickly and simply add a Codicil (which you can print off here), or write a Letter of Wishes to be kept with it. We always suggest using a qualified solicitor, visit www.lawsociety.org.uk or call 0207 242 1222.

What about inheritance tax?

To encourage people to leave a gift in their Will to charity, HMRC will reduce any inheritance tax due on your estate by 4% if the gift you leave to charity is worth 10% or more of your net estate. This means that you can make a more significant gift to Deafblind UK if you would like to, with less effect on the value of any other gifts you leave to your family and friends.

If you have already thought about Deafblind UK in your Will, or you are intending to do so, please consider letting us know.

Click here to read about making a gift in memory of a loved one.