What would you miss?

What would you miss if you couldn't see or hear?

Deafblindness can be a gradual process where your sight and hearing slowly fades away. When this happens, you create your own reality from memories and your interpretation of the world.

Many people grieve their sight and hearing; they miss the sound of birds singing and crashing waves, they miss the glow of the sunrise and the changing colours of the trees.

Through our campaign, 'What would you miss?', we want to encourage everyone to think about the implications of sight and hearing loss and how it would affect you. What would you miss if you couldn’t see and hear?

With the help of our friends at Global Street Art, we have brought this to life with a mural in London’s street art capital, Shoreditch. This mural is rare in that those with sensory impairments can enjoy it as much as those with sight and hearing – something there is not enough of in today’s world. It also gives a powerful message to those who don’t know about or haven’t considered the affects of sight and hearing loss.

Join the conversation #WhatWouldYouMiss

Tell us what you would miss using the hashtag #WhatWouldYouMiss.

The mural is on Great Eastern Street (EC21 3NT) and will be live until 7th June 2019. If you visit it then why not take a selfie or video and tell us what you would miss, if you couldn't see or hear.