Thank you for sticking with us

I know that I speak for people who are deafblind across the country, when I tell you just how grateful I am that you haven’t given up on us. This past year has been difficult for everyone, to say the least. Time, money and patience have been stretched beyond belief for many people, but you stuck with us, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

Everyone seems to have experienced this pandemic in different ways, some enjoyed the extra time together as a family, while others sadly lost family members. As someone who is deafblind, my whole world has been turned upside down. But the help that Deafblind UK has given me has been a lifeline, and I know that they couldn’t have done this without their supporters.

When coronavirus hit in February, I was so nervous, and like everyone, anxious about the future. The shelves were empty every time I tried to shop, and I had no idea how I would cope. When we went into lockdown, I cried for most of the first few days. I had no contact with anyone, and I had no way of knowing how long it might be before I could speak with someone again. I have never felt so alone.

Then on the fourth day, Lyn from Deafblind UK called me! She asked how I was, and suddenly I felt that I do matter, that somebody out there does care. We agreed that we would speak every week, and I knew that I had something to look forward to each week, and most importantly that I wasn’t alone.

Lyn understood my anxieties, especially around getting my medication. She arranged for a local volunteer group to collect my prescriptions for me.

Deafblind UK continue to call me, and have set up virtual social groups now too, so I get the chance to talk with other. I’ve even made a new friend!

You might not realise it, but your support enabled them to keep their helpline open 7 days a week. It also helped them to launch a new emotional support service and to move their social groups online. This was no mean feat, but they did it for us, and you helped them!

I’m still anxious about what the new world will look like, when I can eventually feel confident enough to go out and about, but so long as Deafblind UK are still there to support me through it, I know we will all make it!

So, to finish, and again I write on behalf of many others, thank you for everything you have done for us and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and please, stay safe.

Best wishes,