The Mayor of Peterborough, Councillor David Over, to launch Deafblind UK’s exciting new digital space!

Rainbow Court, Deafblind UK’s centre based in Peterborough, has promoted independence, dignity and opportunities for deafblind people for over 50 years. With the support of funders Deafblind UK has developed and transformed the Community Room into a redesigned and inviting digital space for much-needed social interactions. The Mayor of Peterborough will launch the new exciting digital space on 6th February 2015. This will benefit deafblind people living at Rainbow Court, their families, friends and visitors and enable them to access mainstream devices such as tablets, the internet and Braille technology.

Deafblind UK’s Chief Executive, Jeff Skipp says: “I would like to thank The Mayor of Peterborough for his generous support of this event and our funders who have enabled us to transform this space so that deafblind people can explore the ways technology can help them in their every day lives.”

Deafblind people around the country have told us that they are keen not to fall behind with all the new technology that many people take for granted, such as the new iPad Air 2. Technology can greatly enhance their ability to be independent and interact with the world around them on a level playing field.

Last year Deafblind UK launched its Digital Inclusion Project and has been introducing deafblind people to new technology that is accessible for them. The new digital space will take this work to the next level enabling us to give free informal training sessions about technology to get people started and then working with digital befriender volunteers to help deafblind people extend the benefits of  technology into their daily lives.

Dorreen has lived at Rainbow Court for 22 years, working for Deafblind UK for almost as long, helping us to train hundreds of interpreters and communicator-guides. Dorreen’s first language is BSL and her sight loss means she now relies on touch-based communication and digital technology more often.

Our Digital Inclusion Project enabled Dorreen to embrace new technologies. These are helping her maintain contact with family and friends and enjoy an increased level of independence and privacy.  She is now able to use Facebook, email, take her own photos and make travel arrangements
on-line – something she has been unable to do without support for over 20 years!

Please find out more about our Digital Inclusion Project and our digital space as it takes shape in the future on our website at