The Perfect Match: Hyder and Stephen

We’re thrilled to tell you about one of our matches between a befriender and a member, who’s joint passion for music has brought them together.

Hyder has been a volunteer with Deafblind UK for a year now. He’s a keen music lover and has been passionate about playing guitar since he was 15. We introduced him to one of our members, Stephen, who was interested in joining our befriending scheme. Stephen has retinitis pigmentosa and otitis externa, and has always had a keen ambition to learn how to play the guitar!

This excellent match has enabled Hyder to share his love of music and playing guitar with Stephen. Over the last few months Stephen has made great progress learning individual notes, scales in various keys, chord structure, rhythm and strumming.

Hyder told us: “It’s been so rewarding to teach Stephen, because he learns and applies new concepts very quickly, and reinforces them by practising regularly.”

This unique relationship continues to grow, as Stephen still regularly practices the guitar, watch him practising the A Minor scale below:

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