Balancing loss and potential, deafblindness, a whole-body experience

Balancing loss and potential: Deafblindness, a whole-body experience

A series of 5 webinars, starting 24th March 2021


During the past year we have all longed for physical and social contact. As we sit behind our screens we miss the body language we took for granted and we become insecure in our online interactions. We can’t wait for life to return to normal. But for those who are deafblind this unfortunately is the lifelong normal, and so they have to find sustainable ways to deal with it and to use the potential that is still theirs.

Led by Femke Krijger, a holistic therapist, international researcher and someone living with deafblindness and Liz Duncan, Head of Learning at Deafblind UK, these webinars will focus on this potential, within the context of the high impact loss of visual and auditive perception. We’ll share as much hands-on information as possible connected to experienced based best practices and scientifically based knowledge. We hope to create ground for continuous conversation that, we think, could be valuable for all of us.

TalkTech practical tech support for people with sight and hearing loss

TalkTech webinars

Our free TalkTech webinars showcase some of the most advanced technology on the market for people who are deafblind. The webinars are led by Tim Locke, our Digital Inclusion Manager, and he will introduce you to some of our trusted partners.

29th April, 11am  - TalkTech with Synapptic
Join us for a chat with Synapptic and discover how to use their technology in lockdown.

13th May, 11.00am - TalkTech with Dolphin
Dave from Dolphin returns to discuss Supernova, the Windows based magnification and screen reader software suitable for all levels of deafblindness.

27th May, 11am - Talktech with Optelec
Giles Carpenter will be visiting us from Optelec to demonstrate independence with tech. He will focus on a range of products including reading machines and text to speech readers.

10th June, 11am - Talktech with Neatebox
Gavin Neate is the founder of Neatebox. We are delighted that he will talk to us about his fantastic WelcoMe app that allows customers to inform organisations of their planned visits so the organisations are able to offer a great customer service to meet their specific disability needs.

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