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Our services. Supporting people with sight and hearing loss

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Awareness talks

As the number of people living with sight and hearing loss in the UK is rising, it is important that more and more of our wider community is aware of how to be considerate and supportive towards deafblind people.


Living with reduced sight and hearing can be lonely. For various reasons people may find themselves becoming increasing isolated and unable to enjoy the same level of social interaction that they may have otherwise done. That’s why we offer a free befriending service where you can be matched to a volunteer befriender to enjoy some regular company.

Care and Support

  Our care and support service is a truly unique. We combine personal support with communication and guiding to help you continue to live as independently as possible. We offer:…


Our free Information and Advice Line offers support and guidance to people living with sight and hearing loss, their carers, family and friends, as well as professionals working with deafblind people. It is manned by a team of professionals.


We all need a break sometimes, but we know that for some, staying away from home is not that easy. Our two fully accessible caravans provide a home from home break at heavily discounted rates.

Social Groups

Our social groups are the ideal opportunity to get out and about and have fun with friends. Groups are open to anyone with a combined hearing and sight loss, their family, carers, support workers and of course guide dogs.


You’d be surprised at just how much your mobile phone or tablet can do for you. Most handheld devices have a range of in-built accessibility features which can make a huge difference to someone with sight and hearing loss. From magnification to voice recognition, we can show you how to make the most of the technology you’ve already got.