Home Support, Communication and Guiding Service

Our support services are delivered within people’s homes, helping them to manage their lives, maintain relationships with friends and family, as well as participate in and integrate with their local community.

Below, we have outlined the four stages we go through to ensure that the care and support services we provide give you the greatest degree of choice and control over your life.

Planning Support

We will develop a person-centred plan with you, discussing the sorts of things you want to do, the amount of support you need and can afford and the times you would like a support worker to be available. We will also talk to you about other ways of doing things, using friends or family or volunteers instead of paid support workers. This not only helps to make your support funding go further but also provides opportunities to do things with friends or develop relationships with others who have similar interests.

At the end of this process we will have a support plan, which details how your care and support will be delivered, when it will be delivered and what you want your support workers to do.

Recruiting Staff

One of the key factors in making a care and support package work – and ensuring it works well – is trust between our staff and customers. Success relies on the quality and ability of our staff and the relationship and interactions they have with you as our customer.

To ensure that customers feel comfortable with our staff, we will introduce you to them before the service begins. Where we need to recruit new staff to deliver the agreed package of care, you will be invited to take part in the recruitment process.

Managing your Service

Customers are involved in the planning and delivery of their support plans on an ongoing basis. However, we know that even when you have been fully involved in the design and delivery of the support package, you may at first want some reassurance. About Me ensures that each individual is introduced to a Service Manager or Senior Support Worker who can be contacted to discuss any issues or answer questions relating to our service.

You will meet with the Service Manager or Senior Support Worker responsible for the service on an informal basis at least twice a year to make sure that you are happy. There are also two review meetings a year that look in detail at the support plan and progress made, providing an opportunity to discuss and agree on any changes needed to ensure delivery of the desired outcomes. We are always available for customers wanting to discuss any aspect of their support package.

Getting it Right

As our organisation grows and develops we need to ensure that our support planning and service design lead to continued excellence in the delivery of personalised and bespoke services. To do this, our future plans have to remain focused on the views, wishes and aspirations of our customers.

It is therefore essential that we work with customers to regularly review and evaluate what we do, how we do it and ways to improve so that we continue to deliver the best possible services.

  • We undertake an annual satisfaction survey looking at what works well and where customers believe we could do things differently. This information is used to develop and improve our services.
  • Our Senior Managers all visit a number of customers each year to talk on a one-to-one basis about how the organisation is developing.
  • Every year Deafblind UK host forums across England that seek to identify the developments that customers & Member want to see. This allows customers to provide their views and experiences of our organisation, which are then fed into the planning process.

We Love Feedback!

If you have any comments, compliments or complaints  about our service and or the people who deliver them, we’d love to hear from you.. Please get in touch:

Email: feedback@deafblind.org.uk
Tel/Textphone: 01733 358 100
Fax: 01733 358 356.

Independent Living

We have a facility in Paston, Peterborough called Rainbow Court. It is a independent living housing scheme that provides people with a combined sight and hearing loss the opportunity to live independently within the wider community.

A highly trained and skilled support team based at Rainbow Court offer support packages ranging from personal care to community involvement. They can also assist tenants with day-to-day activities such as dealing with post, paying bills and other tasks. All staff are trained in appropriate communication methods such as British Sign Language (BSL), Deafblind Manual and Clear Speech, ensuring that communication is not a barrier to living an independent life.

Tenants at Rainbow Court are issued with an assured (shorthold) tenancy, with an understanding that the tenancy is long-term unless the individual decides they wish to move. Rainbow Court can also offer short-term placements for respite or independent living training.

For more about rainbow court and our vacancies please visit https://deafblind.org.uk/what-we-do/independent-living/ or call or use our textphone on 01733 358356

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