Digital Inclusion

Open up a world of possibilities!

Our digital support service teaches you to make the most of your tablet or mobile phone to enable you to live as independently as possible.

– Connect with friends and family
– Do online shopping and banking
– Discover specialist apps

You’d be surprised at just how much your mobile phone or tablet can do for you. Most handheld devices have a range of in-built accessibility features which can make a huge difference to someone with sight and hearing loss. From magnification to voice recognition, we can show you how to make the most of the technology you’ve already got.

Or, we can show you how to use specialist accessibility software, like

Before long you’ll be sending emails, checking the weather, using catch up TV and radio and much more!

Our digital support service is available through one to one sessions and digital support groups. We may also be able to loan a tablet to you so you can try before you buy!

Contact us to find out more.

Tony“I decided to give it a go and I love it! I now regularly email my grandchildren and check the weather on my app. I’m also a huge Manchester United fan so I’m always listening to Talk Sport and 5 Live!” Click here to read more of Tony’s story

Volunteering with our digital inclusion project

We are always looking for volunteers to share their experiences with technology. Whether you are living with sight and hearing loss yourself or you are interested in giving your time to those who are, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for more information about volunteering with our digital inclusion project or click here to see our volunteering opportunities.