Our vision and values

We exist because too many people are living with deafblindness and are not getting the help they need. We show people that there can be a life beyond deafblindness.

Our vision – is to create a world where people living with deafblindness thrive, empowered by knowledge, support and equity.

Our mission – is to enable people living with deafblindness through holistic care and assistance, pioneering research, transformative education, influential advocacy, and innovative technology integration.

Our Values

We will always endeavour to communicate with people using their preferred language or method. We will communicate frequently, be open and honest and ensure the message we are communicating is clear, concise and will not cause offence.

We will do our very best in all we undertake. We will work collaboratively and take responsibility for the outcomes. We will aim to inspire, take a pride in what we do and deliver our services efficiently and effectively.

Person centred
We will listen to the people we support and deliver services that best meet their individual needs and empower them to live the lives they choose. We will treat everyone with dignity and compassion.

We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members. We will respect each other’s views and opinions, and when necessary challenge constructively, positively and politely.

Deafblind UK currently supports people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you or someone you know needs our support, please contact us.


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Our history

It all started in 1928 when a small group of deafblind people and their carers founded the National Deaf Blind…

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