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We believe that all children should be given equal chances to learn and have a meaningful education regardless of any condition or disability. So, we are working with students and schools to help everyone feel confident about deafblindness and to give every student the best start in life.

School years should create positive experiences – together we are creating great memories for young deafblind people!

Students and parents

We are currently developing some resources for deafblind students and their parents. In the meantime, you can download and use our Pupil Passport! Just fill in your details, print it out and hand it to your teacher at the start of each lesson. We’d love to know what you think of this, so drop us a line to let us know!


If you are deafblind, in full time education and are up for talking to us, we’d love to have a quick chat to hear about your experiences. Click here to contact us.

Information for schools

Teachers, we get it! We know the pressures you are under and that being asked to adapt your teaching to accommodate a student with multi-sensory impairments can be challenging. We’re here to help!

We are working with a small number of schools to create and test some resources to make things a bit easier for teachers. If you would like to get involved and offer your support then please contact us.

About this project

This project is kindly funded by the ScottishPower Foundation and the Thomas Pocklington Trust. It is led by former teacher, Carolyn Greig.

Carolyn said: “I have spent 24 years in the secondary school Science laboratories working to make Science relevant and accessible to everyone whatever their academic ability. Working for Deafblind UK has many similar focuses; making the work I do relevant to the young people I work with, whilst ensuring understanding and engagement in learning. This is particularly relevant on this project, because children with deafblindness can be isolated from their peers and excluded from some activities because of their specific needs regarding communication. Our Education project aims to remove some of these barriers for young people and raise awareness amongst their peers to improve the experiences that these students have throughout school.

“Outside of school, I still spend my time working with young people as a Beaver, Cub and Scout leader in my local group and I act as a County Lead for Lincolnshire for the Programme and Adventure teams to make sure that our young people have all the exciting experiences which scouting can offer them.

“All our young people have the right to high quality education which is tailored to their specific needs. There are some simple things which all educational establishments can do to make learning easier for some children and Deafblind UK is providing some simple resources to remind you of these.”

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