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If you’re a teacher, you can get free teaching resources, lesson plans and access to the latest research here. This page also includes support for parents and carers of children who are deafblind.

Getting the right support at school

We believe that all children should have equal chances to learn and enjoy their school years, regardless of any condition or disability.

We work with young people who are deafblind, their families and schools to give every student the best start in life. Our research, resources, and support help people feel confident about deafblindness.

Lesson in a box - coming to a classroom near you!

Your free lesson in a box, ‘Discovering Deafblindness’, is packed full of resources to help you teach students about deafblindness. It includes a lesson plan, worksheets, an assembly, and learning resources for your students. The lesson in a box is a great way to introduce primary and secondary school students to disability and the challenges of living with deafblindness.

Click the links below to download your Lesson in a Box.

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Support for teachers of children with sensory impairments

If you’re teaching students with dual-sensory impairment (DSI), we’re here to help.

We can help you adapt your classroom and give you advice about supporting students with DSI. You can also get support from a sensory loss specialist to adapt your teaching to be more accessible and request free lesson plans.

Click on the links below to download our free resources:

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Introducing the pupil passport

We created the pupil passport to help teachers understand every child’s individual needs. It includes space to talk about what you need in the classroom and to make the most of social opportunities at school.

Standing out and fitting in

The Standing out and fitting in report explores how children and young people who are deafblind are supported at school.

The report follows original research which was led by Deafblind UK in 2022. It includes recommendations to help teachers to support students with dual sensory impairment (DSI) in the classroom.

Standing out and fitting in report cover.

If you'd like to read the report, please follow the link below to request your copy.

About this project

We believe that every child deserves the best start in life and has the right to a meaningful education, regardless of any condition or disability.

With increasing numbers of worried parents calling our helpline for advice on supporting their children with sensory loss access education, we knew we had to act. This award-winning project is making education more inclusive of children who are deafblind, and giving both teachers and parents the tools to help all of our young people thrive at school and socially.

This project is kindly funded by the ScottishPower Foundation and the Thomas Pocklington Trust. It’s led by Carolyn Greig, Schools Liaison Officer at Deafblind UK.

Carolyn taught secondary school science for 24 years and is passionate about accessible education. Her experience is helping teachers understand deafblindness and create better outcomes for children with DSI at school.

“Children with deafblindness can be isolated from their peers and excluded from some activities because of their specific needs regarding communication. Our education project aims to remove some of these barriers for young people and raise awareness amongst their peers to improve the experiences that these students have throughout school.”

“All our young people have the right to high quality education which is tailored to their specific needs. There are some simple things which all educational establishments can do to make learning easier for some children and Deafblind UK is providing some simple resources to remind you of these.”

Outside of work, Carolyn continues to spend time working with young people as a Beaver, Club and Scout leader. As a County Lead for the Programme and Adventure teams, she helps ensure that young people have access to all the exciting experiences that scouting has to offer.

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As a charity, we think it’s crucial not just to help and support our members day-to-day but to aim for…

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